Affiliate Hero™ is a traffic generation platform

that enables you to search for the hottest affiliate offers on Amazon, Ebay and Clickbank and post them on Instagram using the most trending hashtags - for massive traffic and sales.

Think of it as going up an elevator, or holding on to someone’s coat tails…you get it.

We’re tapping into a powerful current of traffic – Instagram’s most searched for hashtags.

In addition users have access to our

  • Memes factory – they can create amazing images that will go viral
  • Our super-cool list building software - it captures leads when people comment asking for product coupons


  • Unique angle on traffic generation
  • Traffic platform, image software and Instagram follower booster - all in one product
  • List Generation add-on

Our inbuilt image editor enables users to create their own images and hashtags.

Then they can use this content to create captivating and attractive media and promote their affiliate offers by attracting huge Traffic on the fastest growing social network – Instagram.

Software finds hottest affiliate products

Creates amazing images for memes, GIFs etc

Posts on Instagram for tons of free traffic

How Does Affiliate Hero™ work?


Explore current trends on Amazon, Ebay and ClickBank & find out trending products to promote


Software finds the hottest hashtags


Designs your posts (OTO1)


Software publishes on Instagram to get traffic – using sizzling hashtags


Software automatically increases your Instagram followers by liking, commenting, following and unfollowing (OTO2)

See it in Action Here

Here’s what’s included

Affiliate Hero™ Features:

Discover Trending Products on Amazon, Ebay and Clickbank

Search for the most popular hashtags

Create engaging images with the built-in image designer

Auto-post using the Hottest Tags

One-Click Sharing on Instagram

Builds list automatically when someone comments on the post

Link cloaker to enable posting of affiliate products inside social media posts

What's in the Funnel?
Front End: $37

  • Discover Trending Products on Amazon, Ebay and Clickbank
  • Search for the most popular hashtags
  • Software auto posts using most popular hashtags for keyword
  • Comments made to Instagram posts get captured as email leads

  • 26 weeks of group training
OTO4 DS: $1 then $67 per month
OTO1: $27

  • Create stunning images with the built-in image designer
  • Link Cloacker to enable posting of affiliate products inside social media
OTO2: DS $1 Trial / $37 Recurring

  • Massive followers boost through auto commenting, following, liking and unfollowing
OTO3: AGENCY: $197

  • 30 FE licenses

Here’s why you should promote
Affiliate Hero™

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